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Sophia, The World’s First Robot Citizen
김민주   |   2018. 02. 03 16:10   |  
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On October 25, Sophia had just become a full citizen of Saudi Arabia. It was the first robot in the world to be recognized with citizenship. She was created by David Hanson, an American roboticist, and the robot was designed to look like Audrey Hepburn. At the Future Investment Initiative, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia officially granted the citizenship to Sophia. During the event, she made her comments while not wearing a head scarf. Also, she was unaccompanied by a male guardian. However, under Saudi law, both things are forbidden. She said her goal is to help humans lead a better life. Many people recognized the irony of her new recognition: a woman robot enjoys the freedom that women in Saudi Arabia do not.

I would like to criticize about this event, robot gaining its right to live as a human. The world knows that Saudi Arabia’s women are treated unequally compared to the men. Although they are the same human, women cannot live their life with freedom. The country doesn’t care about women’s rights, and they are getting severe discrimination by the people. 

Unlike the past, women should have their own life with freedom and equality nowadays. It is true that Saudi Arabia has shown some changes by allowing the women watch the sports game and drive a car. However, it is surprising that Sophia has more rights than women in the country.

For Saudi women, they would have felt like a direct hit at their rights. In my opinion, Sophia should be subjected to the same conservative rules as Saudi women. As she received the citizenship, she should be treated like the other women, so the laws should apply to her also.

Therefore, as the country has already granted the citizenship to Sophia, now it is time to give freedom to the women. The changes in Saudi Arabia show a signal of social change, and it should continue until women are considered equal as the men. It must start with everyone’s attention to change the society. Like Sophia, other women shouldn’t be tied down by the country’s restrictions. We have to know that while Sophia seemed to win over the Saudi government, the women were fighting for their rights in the kingdom.

Still, Saudi women are fighting against the country. Though they were born and raised there, it looks like they are not living in their own country. Therefore, restrictions on women’s rights should be lifted across the region which would help women live freely.

I hope the time Saudi women performing various activities such as traveling alone to come soon. They should no more have a legal guardian since they are an adult. Therefore, our duty is to make men and women equal, which would make everyone happy.  

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