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Beijing’s ‘world largest purifier’
김민주   |   2018. 01. 03 13:35   |  
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(사진=Daily Mail​)


The picture on the left shows Beijing’s air purifier. It is also called as ‘The Smog Free Tower’  which is 7 meters high and able to release clean air. The tower opened in Beijing on September 29th, 2016. The Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection supported this project very much. Dutch artist and innovator named Dann Roosegaarde and his team of experts have created this project. His company unveiled their first tower in Beijing, promising to suck up 75 percent of the dangerous particles in the nearby air and then belch out purified air into the surrounding space. The tower cleans air 30,000 cubic meter per hour, which runs on green wind energy and uses no more electricity than a waterboiler. 

However, this tower is nothing more than a performance art. It is like hanging an air conditioner outside, which means it’s ineffective. The tower also produces some pollutants as it consumes energy. According to one expert; the tower will absorb 4.5 grams of PM2.5 particle per hour if the PM2.5 concentration is 200 per cubic meter. This implies that it barely equals the weight of a spoonful of salt.  

Furthermore, the test was conducted by the China Forum of Environmental Journalists (CFEJ), a non-governmental organization. They showed that the tower was not doing the job effectively. The organization concluded that the tower’s effect on PM2.5 was unstable and the effective range was so much limited. On September 2016, when the giant purifier was first introduced in Beijing, the PM2.5 levels were 17 times larger than WHO safe limit. We call this purifier as Smog Free Tower, but it’s only able to produce 55 percent less smog instead of 100 percent less smog. We can say that this project is just for educational purposes than a true measure to improve air quality. 

Therefore, it is unnecessary to keep going on the project as it doesn’t do the work well. It was shocking that PM2.5 levels were 17 times higher than WHO safe limit. Also, the tower can  purify air nearby, but it’s hard to prevent smog from the urban. When they had a test run last September, there was yellow alert warning as the smog covered the sky. This yellow alert can bring severe air pollutions. In addition, as they removed the factories to Shandong, Korea will get much more bad influences. 

This project made China’s air cleaner than before, but Korea is still going through the problems. Koreans are complaining that they are getting serious damages, and the primary cause is from Beijing. China should also think about other countries’ circumstances as they are playing big roles.

Because is it not best item for preventing air pollution, China should find another policy which would give effective results world widely. Especially, they need to extend the range which can help solve fundamental smog problems in urban places. 




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