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Throne day 2018
김아람   |   2018. 06. 29 09:18   |  
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Contribution article by H.E. Dr. Chafik RACHADI, Ambassador of His Majesty the King




 H.E. Dr. Chafik RACHADI, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco 

(Photograph provided by the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco​ to Korea)

   His Majesty King Mohammed VI, King of Morocco

   (Photograph provided by the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco​ to Korea)


The Throne Day, is marking this year the nineteenth anniversary of the accession of

His Majesty Mohammed VI, may God assist him, to the throne of the Kingdom of Morocco. This celebration is a special and strong occasion for the Moroccan people with all its components as it is a symbol of the values of love, loyalty, constant willingness


to sacrifice, faithfulness and the strong ties linking the King to his people, based on a firm pledge of allegiance and the ensuing mutual obligations.​​


If the Moroccan State is deeply rooted in history with a profound memory and civilizational dimension, the Morocco Monarchy is also one of the oldest in the world. Indeed, the successive Kings of the Moroccan state were the authors of bright moments that are proudly marking history.



          (Photograph provided by the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco​ to Korea)


Morocco contemporary history has in turn been marked by one of the strongest moments of presence, performance and unity between the people and the throne. We recall with great pride the sacrifices of His Majesty the late Mohammed V for liberation and independence.


In the same perspective, the late King Hassan II followed the path for building a modern State open on its regional and international environment and defending just and legitimate international causes.



                     (Photograph provided by the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco​ to Korea) 


Today, the heir of the throne, King Mohammed VI, may God assist him, is continuing to secure the path of reform, democratization and modernization, enhancing the state of institutions and seeking to establish a cohesive and united society around the values of openness, moderation, tolerance and dialogue.


The Kingdom of Morocco, during His Majesty's reign, witnessed a qualitative leap in various political, economic, social, cultural, environmental and other fields, taking advantage of the prevailing beneficial conditions.


As part of this new and innovative dynamic, our country adopted a series of constructive structural reforms, with a focus on economy. A number of sector specific plans were launched and a number of measures were adopted to improve business climate and promote foreign investment. Solid foundations were laid for economic partnerships between the state and the private sector with a resulting significant contribution to the acceleration of the economic and development process together with the rehabilitation and the provision of new infrastructure.



                     (Photograph provided by the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco​ to Korea)


Within the same framework, the Kingdom of Morocco made of the path of democracy and respects for human rights its basic orientation while seeking distinction by harmony and complementarily between its national achievements and its international obligations, opening up to the world by dealing with all partners based on mutual respect and common interest.


Regarding the ties between Kingdom of Morocco and the Republic of Korea dating back to well before 1962, when diplomatic relations were established, it’s important to notify that our two countries share common values and principles, a close historical, civilizational and human heritage, as well as a shared view to the future, all that symbolic capital that brings us together still needs more efforts, work and investment in the capabilities offered by our countries and our two peoples. We need to move forwards with initiatives to enhance this remarkable partnership and consolidate our cooperation to better and stronger levels.


Today, we believe also that, despite the geographic divide between our two countries, the Republic of Korea can rely on the Kingdom of Morocco as an opening to the African space, just as Morocco can rely on the Republic of Korea as opening for it to the Asian-Pacific Region. Morocco has recently adopted, thanks to the wise policy of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, may God assist him, an innovative strategy in its trade and economic relations with the African countries. Morocco has now become the second African investor in the continent, which makes of it capable of playing a hub role for Korean companies in their effort to explore new markets in this region, and qualifies it to be an essential partner of the Republic of Korea in its development initiatives towards the African continent, within the framework of the diplomatic and strategic orientation of the two countries . 



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